New Student Orientation


The New Student Orientation at South Baylo University Virginia is to ensure new students have a successful transition and integration into SBUVA life. The orientation promotes discussion among new students, continuing students, faculty, and staff on the expectations and perceptions of the campus community.

2016 New Student Orientation- Virginia Campus

Jan. 15 Friday.   5:00 p.m
Apr. 15 Friday.    5:00 p.m
Jul. 15 Friday.     5:00 p.m
Oct. 15 Friday     5:00 p.m

By attending the orientation students will:

  • Be familiar with SBUVA facilities
  • Have an effective and comprehensive academic advising.
  • Gain knowledge of student support services, Student Associations, and SBUVA academic experience.
  • Gain an understanding of personal and financial responsibilities of attending SBU.
  • Understand the necessity of students taking academic responsibility.

If you have any questions regarding the new student orientation, please contact the admissions office at (703) 642-7518 or by e-mail