Library Holdings



SBU Online Book Catalog

You will find access to the cataloged library book collection through the SBU VA Online Catalog which is searchable by author, title, and subject. When you find a book which you want to assist in your research, contact the Library to determine its availability.


Checking Out Materials

Titles that circulate issue for two weeks. Patrons may renew an item once if no one else is waiting for that item for a total of a month. After an item has been returned to the Library and is available on the shelf for 3 days, the cycle can begin again. We feel this allows everyone a fair shot at getting the materials they need while allowing a Patron enough time to finish a title. Should a Patron donate a title, they may invoke the right to check a single circulating item out for the entirety of the quarter as a reward for their generosity.

We appreciate that most Patrons return their items by the due date. After three days past an item’s due date, fines accrue at $1 per day up to a maximum of $10. Students are reminded that they need a clear record with the Library before graduation.