SBUVA Library


Welcome to the SBUVA library!

Our most cordial welcome is extended with the desire that through learning and research the Acupuncture profession will take its rightful place among primary health care providers for the enhancement of healing in the Community.

The advent of writing empowered the ancestors immeasurably. The oral tradition gradually gave way to the written word helping the flame of medical knowledge stay warm as a coal even during dark times. As the years passed and the democratisation of information became commonplace, the written wisdom of millennia proved remarkably resilient. Learning in all healing arts has expanded at an exponential pace. The shift to the digital realm sees us living in interesting times. No Library can possibly contain the sum of this knowledge, nor should Librarians serve as gatekeepers or arbiters any longer.

Our burden as Librarians and Scholars is not just to preserve what has been given to us but to reflect upon it and add thoughtfully to the creative storehouse so that all who come after us may reap the benefits of study. The ultimate outcome of research and reflection is to develop a methodology in the quest for further knowledge. If exposure to the procedure of learning and analysis can individually transpire, then the Mission of the University Libraries has been accomplished.

On behalf of all the Library staff, it is a distinct pleasure to welcome Students, Alumni, Faculty, Practitioners, and Scholars to the University Libraries. We would be delighted to serve as an intellectual tea house, encouraging Patrons to steep themselves in the wisdom that appeals to them and is most relevant to the course of their research. The hope of all of us is that library Patrons will find what resonates to them in the pursuit of knowledge as they discuss, share, study, reflect, and contemplate in harmony with the aims of the University.