Educational Objectives



SBU Educational Objectives have been developed to align with SBU's mission.

Educational Objectives:

In order to fulfill its mission, South Baylo University is committed to the following objectives:

1. To prepare students with knowledge and skills to succeed in today’s healthcare environment and to contribute to the community with their leadership, business insight, and professional skills.

2. To promote excellence in scholarly teaching, effective student learning, outstanding oriental medicine and holistic healthcare programs.

3. To provide effective patient care through oriental medicine and other holistic approaches.

4. To stimulate and promote research, scholarly activities and professional development.

5. To create opportunities and environment for students to gain experience in academic and clinical skills.

6. To provide and promote timely and pertinent educational opportunities to strengthen the competence of those who enter into careers in the acupuncture and Oriental medicine and its related healthcare areas.

7. To prepare students to become competent and successful working healthcare professionals