Student Services



SBUVA library supports and enriches the programs of study in the University. The library maintains a collection of resources devoted to the areas of healthcare, acupuncture, and oriental medicine as well as variety of books, journals, periodicals, audio and video tapes, disks, and reference materials. The library collection is updated as necessary to reflect current research, discovery, and practice.

Access to the Internet is available for library users. The library offers maps, online and interactive CD-ROM, pamphlets, brochures, career and college information resources, music compact disks, and videos. Library resource cataloging is done online and the same can be retrieved through the library database system.

The University’s library is basically open at least six days a week from Monday through Saturday, and is under the supervision of a professional librarian.

Service is the main purpose of  the SBUVA library as every effort is being expended to enhance learning and instruction in the professional programs leading to licensure as primary health care providers. With the emerging advanced programs for the acupuncture profession, libraries must accommodate those studying for a first professional degree in the healing arts with research and basic science materials. Also, the requirements related to the graduate practitioner must be addressed with an emphasis toward clinical investigation. It is the intent of the professional librarians and the library staff to make the library a place conducive to productive study with the cooperation of all involved. With student and faculty support, extraordinary progress is now evident. The future holds much promise for the evolution and development of a library program in which the training of healing arts professionals will place them on a level of parity with other primary health care providers.


Student Advising

• Academic Advising
Academic Advising is provided to students by Program Director and available Faculty for a variety of academic needs that include, but not limited to, admission interviews, evaluation and granting of transfer credits, selection of quarterly classes for timely registration and graduation, determination of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), selection of prerequisite courses for Comprehensive Competency Examination (CCE) preparation and eligibility, planning for remedial activities for successful academic progression, and related academic matters.

• Clinic Internship Advising
Clinic internship enrollment advising is provided by the Clinic Director so that prospective interns can complete all internship course prerequisites, and understand various clinical settings for the safety of patients, and clinical competency expectation.  Mandatory attendance in Clinic Orientations is required of interns as they progress through each phase of the internship program.    

• Financial Advising Service
Financial Aid advising is provided by the Financial Aid Officer to eligible students for the preparation of financial aid packages, understanding of loan rights and responsibilities, and meeting SAP. Entrance and exit interviews are required for all students receiving financial aid.  When applicable, this office also assists students in processing the necessary paperwork for students qualified under the U.S. Code Title 38 (Veteran’s Administration of Educational Benefits).

• General Advising
General advising is provided by the Student Services Advisor. The Student Services Advisor assists students to find housing information, schedule for public transportation, application for personal banking, as well as other general information. The Quarterly Student Day Event and luncheon gathering for students and administrative staff, coordinated by the Student Services Advisor, permit students to further gain guidance and counseling.

Professional meetings with SBU alumni OM practitioners for currently enrolled students can be arrange by the Student Services Advisor .  

• Admission Advising
Admission Advising is provided by the Director of Admissions for admissions planning and process. The Admissions Office staff also advises prospective students in securing the needed documents to complete the admission process.



All new students are required to attend the University’s orientation program. During the orientation students receive important and pertinent information regarding class registration, financial aid, academic policies and regulations, and are introduced to members of the SBU community.


Career Placement

Due to the individual nature of the practice of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, the University does not provide a career placement service. However, the Student Services Advisor posts career opportunities on the bulletin boards and the University’s website, and assists students with resume writing and development.


Tutorial Services

Tutoring service is an integral part of academic life and is a function of South Baylo University. SBU students are permitted to receive on-campus tutoring by designated and approved student tutors, faculty members or other instructional personnel. All tutoring functions will be coordinated by the Program Director and Student Services Advisor, and provided to requesting students at no charge. See tutoring regulation in the Student Manual.


Housing Services

The University does not provide student housing. However, there are many private apartments and boarding houses around the University. The Student Services Advisor helps students find appropriate housing.


Disability Services

The University is committed to accommodating students with physical and learning disabilities. Accommodations and other support services are managed by the Program Director and Student Services Advisor, and are tailored to meet the needs of each individual student. An individual needing assistance should contact the Program Director and Student Services Advisor. It is recommended that new students with special needs contact the office early in their first term to arrange for support services.


Student Body Associations

All students are encouraged to participate in the South Baylo University Student Body Associations. These organizations are recognized by the faculty and administration and is important to the student’s education and cultural experience.  Through participation in these associations students can provide information that assist the faculty and administration. This information strengthens and endorses continual improvement of the student’s academic and college life.


Refusal of Service

The University may refuse any type of service to those students who have not paid tuition and/or fees.  The University may also refuse re-admission to a student who has left the University with outstanding financial obligations.