South baylo University owns the buildings of the Anaheim main campus and the Los Angeles campus. A detailed description of both facilities is as follows:

Anaheim Main Campus Facilities

South Baylo University’s (SBU) main campus, located in Anaheim, California, is comprised of 36,000 square feet housed in a three-story professional building with adequate parking.  Administration offices total 4,000 square feet and are found on the first floor.  Twelve (12) lecture halls accommodate a growing student enrollment.  Expansion of SBU’s sizable library has increased the number of quiet study carrels and the number of volumes.  Computer and Wireless Internet access is readily available on campus and the library.

The outpatient Acupuncture and Oriental Medical Clinic, located on the third floor, functions as the clinical education center for interns and provides affordable Acupuncture and Oriental Medical healthcare to local Orange County communities.

In pursuit of educational excellence and continuous quality improvement in instruction, SBU continues to update its teaching materials and methodologies with the latest computerized learning systems, teaching equipment, audio systems, and high-tech clinical facilities. The University maintains full compliance with standards, requirements and city and county ordinances established by the City of Anaheim, the County of Orange and the State of California that govern educational institutions.

Los Angeles Campus Facilities

Los Angeles campus, located in Los Angeles, California, comprises   36,000 square feet of usable space on which a two-story building stands with an ample space for parking and for availability of students and visitors.  The 1,500 square feet for the clinic lobby can be found on the first floor.  Twelve fully equipped lecture halls can accommodate the currently growing student body along with a sizable library with quiet study areas arranged with rows of bookshelves.  Rooms for student group’s discussion and open study areas can be found on the second floor. Internet and computer access is readily available in the library and the computer room.

An outpatient medical clinical, located on the first floor of the building, serves as a training center for interns and also provides affordable Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine care to the community.


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