Student Services


The Office of Student and Alumni Services (OSAS) provides non-academic counseling to students for various needs such as housing, career development, and general advising.  The OSAS also supports the Associated Student Body with its individual Student Councils; Chinese Student Council (CSC), English Student Council (ESC), and Korean Student Council (KSC).

The Department of Student Services is dedicated to its mission, purpose, and objective:

The Mission of the Student Services is to build a viable and effective operation to enrich and enhance the educational experience of the students of South Baylo University.

Our Purpose is to provide student support by offering opportunities for leadership training, social events, and non-academic advice.

Our Objective is to provide the support students need for a smooth academic life while at South Baylo University.

South Baylo University provides a wide range of student services that include:

Academic Advising

Academic Advising is provided to students by the Program Student Advisors for academic needs that include, but are not limited to, admission interviews, evaluation and granting of transfer credits (if any), selection of quarterly classes for timely registration, determination of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), selection of prerequisite courses for Comprehensive Competency Exams (CCE) preparation and eligibility, planning for remedial activities for successful academic progression, and any other related academic matters.  

Program Student Advisors are:

◆ Master’s Program

Henry Choi

714-533-1495 Ext. 228

Soon Ju Park


◆ Doctoral Program

Soo K. Kim


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Clinic Internship Enrollment Advising

Clinic internship enrollment advising is provided by the Clinic Director or Associate Clinic Director. The University offers instructional hours dedicated for patient care and management during clinical internship program to prepare interns and doctorate students as primary health care providers. Prospective interns will be advice to; complete all internship course prerequisites, understand various clinical settings, and clinical competency expectation.

◆ Director of Clinics

Hyo Jung Kang

714-533-1495 Ext. 247

◆ Clinic Director (LA)

Deuk Shin Jang


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General Advising

General Advising is provided by the Students & Alumni Services Coordinator.  General advising include housing information, schedules for public transportation, applications for personal banking, and other general information. The Students & Alumni Services Coordinator can arrange meetings between SBU alumni practitioners with current students to receive general information regarding experience and knowledge of an OM private practice office.
The Coordinator also supervises the Quarterly Student Day Events, such as luncheon gathering with students and administrative staff for communication improvement.

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Admission Counseling

Admission Counseling is provided by the Director of Admissions for admissions planning and process.  The Admissions Office staff also advises prospective students in securing the needed documents to complete the admission process.

◆ Director of

Sohila Mohiyeddini

714-533-1495 Ext. 222

Eric Lowe(LA)


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International Student Advising

International Student Advising is provided by the International Student Advisor so that an I-20 can be issued to a student to obtain an F-1 student visa.  The advisor routinely processes required annual ICE reports to certify satisfactory completion of foreign students in the program.  For more information, please contact:

◆ International Student Advisor

Seon Kim

714-533-1495 Ext. 230

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English Language Advising

Students enroll in the Chinese or Korean language program may take courses at another accredited university to help improve the TOEFL and TSE scores, a requirement for clinic internship or clerkship enrollment.  If you need additional information regarding the English Proficiency requirements, please contact the student services at extension 229.

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Financial Aid Counseling

Financial aid advising is provided by the Financial Aid Officer to eligible students for the preparation of financial aid packages, understanding of loan rights and responsibilities, and meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Entrance and exit interviews are required for all students receiving financial aid.  When applicable, this office also assists students in processing the necessary paperwork for students qualified under the U.S. Code Title 38 (Veteran’s Administration of Educational Benefits).

◆ Financial Aid Officer

Mimi Park

714-533-1495 Ext. 243

Information regarding collection of tuition and fees please contact:

◆ Fiscal Officer

Michelle Jang

714-533-1495 Ext. 233

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Student Record Keeping

Each student’s file shall contain application documents, admissions credentials, records of attendance, grades earned, satisfactory academic progress records, written communication with the student, and any disciplinary actions taken. Such records shall be considered permanent property of the University and shall not be available for loan or release to others without the written consent of the appropriate student. Student records are to be kept for a period of five (5) years. Student transcripts are retained permanently.
Processing Academic Documents or Student Records are services provided by the Registrar.

For graduating students who will participate in the California Acupuncture State Board exam or who request a certification of attendance or enrollment status for personal use, please contact the registrar's office.

◆ Registrar

Sophia Osburn

714-533-1495 Ext. 223

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Tutorial Services

The tutoring services is an integral part of academic life and is a function of South Baylo University. SBU students are permitted to receive on-campus tutoring by designated and approved student tutors, faculty members or other instructional personnel. All tutoring functions will be coordinated by the Office of Student Services and Academic Offices, and provided to requesting students at no charge.

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Disability Services

The University is committed to accommodating students with physical and learning disabilities. Accommodations and other support services are managed by the Academic and Student Services Offices and are tailored to meet the needs of each individual student.
It is recommended that new students with special needs contact the office early in their first term to arrange for support services.

◆ ADA Chairperson

Dr. Follick

714-533-1495 Ext. 252


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Bookstore Service/Student Lounge 

Textbooks and other academic resources, student supplies, limited food items, logo apparel and gifts are provided by the Bookstore Manager to secure educational materials and supplies at a reasonable cost for the students. 

A Student Lounge, equipped with vending machines, is available to students on both campuses and serves as a common place for daily student gathering. Bulletin boards are commonly used by the students for personal advertisement placement, non-academic announcements and extracurricular activities schedule.


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Career Services

In order to assist students, the University provides job placement assistance within the University and through its network affiliations with clinics, business, and healthcare related companies. Also, assistance in the preparation of the resume is provided upon student request. In addition, a bulletin board is maintained with job announcements and career opportunities.

These services are provided at no cost to the student. The University, however, does not guarantee employment or a specific level of income from its placement assistance. All these services are available from the Office of Student Services.


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Housing Services

The University does not provide student housing. However, there are many private apartments and boarding houses around the University. The Student Services Office helps students find appropriate housing. A range of cost of the housing in the Southern California is between $500 and $2,000.


Other Student Services

Scholarship and Academic Service Awards:

SBU provides funds for six scholarships to be awarded each quarter to qualified full-time students. Scholarship Application Forms are available at the front desk.


Technology Services:

SBU is a Wireless Internet enabled facility. For information regarding internet or student ID cards, please contact:

◆ Director of CIS

James Kim

714-533-1495 Ext. 271


Student Health Services at University Clinics:

Students have access to AOM care at the University Clinics at a 50% discount of the regular fee.

◆ Anaheim Health Center

714-533-1495 Ext. 234 or 714-535-3886

◆ LA campus Clinic


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