Financial Aid Information


The purpose of Financial Aid is to provide students and their parents with information regarding federal, state, institutional and other sources of financial aid. Financial Aid serves as the administrator for these varied funds, which involves personnel in diverse activities such as consumer awareness, application services, program awarding, certification and eligibility monitoring, fund requests, reconciliation and reporting, and continuing with post-attendance services that include default prevention and management.

Ultimately, Financial Aid provides aid to eligible students who, without such aid, would be unable to attend college. The awarding and delivery of such funds are managed in a fair and equitable manner.

The Bachelor of Science in Holistic Science, Acupressure-Tuina, and ESL programs are unaccredited programs. The Federal Financial Aid program is not eligible for students enrolled in unaccredited programs.

If you have any question regarding Financial Aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Important Annoncement

South Baylo University Mission Statement

The Mission of South Baylo University is to expand professional, clinical and scientific knowledge of oriental medicine and holistic healthcare among students, faculty, staff, and the general public through effective teaching, scholarly activity and quality patient care.

South Baylo University Value

The value of South Baylo University is to view Harmony as being its eminent value, exemplifying Harmony of Bodily Functions, Harmony of Mind and Body, and Harmony of Life and Nature. They are considered the foundation of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM)

South Baylo University Purpose

The purpose of South Baylo University is to promote good health and wellness through education, research and AOM practice.