Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend classes regularly and to arrive to class in a timely manner to assure participation in the educational program. Consistent tardiness or disruption in a class will result in a lower academic grade.

Excessive absence is regarded as a serious issue. Absences totaling more than two classes per quarter, may only be approved by the instructor upon reviewing the evidence justifying the absence. An excused absence simply gives the student who missed the class an opportunity to make up the work; although the student is not excused from the work required or assigned. Repeated unexcused absences will result in lower grades, failing grades or dismissal from the class or the University. If a student is not able to attend classes, the instructor must be notified by the student. If absenteeism exceeds more than two classes in a course, the student can be dropped from the course(s) with a grade of “W” before the end of 7th week with an approval of the Course Withdrawal Form. Students missing the last 3 weeks of class will receive a “F” grade. 

Students receiving financial aid must comply with all applicable regulations.  Title IV Financial Aid recipients who do not maintain regular enrollment due to unexcused absences may lose part or all of the Title IV Federal Student Aid eligibility. A Leave of Absence for medical reasons will be granted if health problems force the student to withdraw from all courses at any time during the quarter.  A Leave of Absence for personal reasons, which can not exceed 180 days  in any given 12 month period, must be filed before the end of the registration period for the next quarter, unless there are unforeseen and compelling reasons such as a death in the immediate family.