Academic Dishonesty Policy

South Baylo University values academic honesty and integrity in both coursework and personal professional character. The university maintains ethical standards in testing for both prepping and administration. Coursework as well is expected to be representative of actual student learning. 

Any evidence of improper communication, use of books or notes, sharing examination answers, substituting a test, giving examination answers to other students during an examination will be sufficient ground for the instructor to collect examination papers of the involved students and ask the students to leave from the classroom. Such offenses will result in an automatic “F” grade for the examination, course, and academic probation or suspension. 

The faculty must prepare and submit an Incident Report detailing the unprofessional conduct of the student(s) and submit it to the Academic Office. When reported, cheating offenses will be handled by the Academic Office in coordination with the Program Student Advisor if suspension of the involved student(s) warrants such action. 

The Academic office shall advise the student(s) in writing within a period of five (5) working days. The Registrar will record in the student(s) academic records a notation “Probation for Academic Dishonesty” along with the date of the reported incident. Upon receipt of the written notice from the Academic office, the student(s) will be given a reasonable time to appeal this sanction, in writing, to the Executive Council. No appeal can be accepted beyond the specified time. Academic dishonesty is commonly referred to as “Personal Integrity” in official documents or publications published and released by the University.