Patient Testimonials


I am writing this letter to acknowledge and make the highest commendation for Dr. Sung Won Tae of South Baylo University. I was suffering from a severe case of gout for the past few months. It was so bad that 1 was unable to move or even walk due to the inflammation and pain caused by this debilitating condition. I was suffering tremendously and did not know what I cou1d do to improve this situation.

This is the time when I was referred to Dr. Tae by a colleague of mine. I contacted him and scheduled a consultation to meet him and discuss my condition and possible treatment options. Dr. Tae was very knowledgeable and professional and quickly diagnosed my problem. After just a few visits and treatments, my condition quickly improved. Now, I am able to walk much better and pain-free!

I would like to highly praise and give credit to Dr. Tae and to the School of Oriental Medicine at South Baylo University for their knowledge, patience, and ability to help me and tremendously improve my condition. My quality of life and well-being is accredited to Dr. Tae and his amazing efforts and treatment methods.
I am deeply grateful and appreciative.

Dr. Byung C Kim, D.D.S.   (May 1, 2012)

Although I am only 35 years old, my laundry list of ailments is extensive: fibromyalgia, neuropathy, lupus, chronic daily migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, gallstones, kidney stones, carpal tunnel, occipital neuralgia, and rheumatoid arthritis….need I say more? All that western medicine had to offer me were steroids, antibiotics, pain medications (like Morphine) all with horrible side effects and caused a chain-effect of causing additional illnesses. According to Western Medicine, my life was supposed to be limited, with no ability to work in my profession or enjoy life without misery.

Coming to Acupuncture, to South Baylo, and meeting Dr. Xi changed all that, and rather quickly (all things considered). It was the only time I got answers to my questions, treatments that didn’t make me sicker, and a champion (Dr. Xi) who was unafraid to take on and conquer the many challenges I presented with. She treats me like a valued person, not like a number. With every treatment, I gain a piece of my former self, my health life, and hope for the future again. I rarely experience pain or all those symptoms anymore. Best of all, I have found a source of healing and inspiration that allows my life to be productive, fruitful, and filled with excitement about days to come. I love acupuncture and everyone at South Baylo, but specially my heroine, Dr. Xi.


My symptoms were lack of energy, weight gain and constipation. A few weeks of treatment and herbs I lost 9 lbs. My bowels were regulated from 3 times a week to 5 to 7 times a week. My energy has increased. I love the no hassle appointments always fast and available and I am brought to the room within minutes of my arrival!

Always fast and friendly service with no issues.


How Acupuncture has help me.
I came last week with a major migraine headache, tendonitis and insomnia. I felt reliefe from migraine headache on the first sessions. I had been sleeping 2 to 4 hours for the past couple of weeks. The day I got my first session I was able to sleep 9 hours straight without waking up. I’m very happy with your services and professional friendly staff.

Erika Duenez

How Acupuncture has help me.
Before I started Acupuncture I was going through struggles, first I was diagnosed with ADHD. Taking Aderal was supposedly the solution; however it made things worse for me. I was suffering from both physical and emotional agony. Now I believe that I am cured from this medical condition as long as I keep maintaining with Acupuncture. I also have TMJ where my jaws crack when I open my mouth. The pain was severe and I had a hard time eating. Now the pain is totally gone and I can chew more easily. My chi was much stagnated before Acupuncture. Half of my body was cold, now I have an even flow of blood circulating my body. Acupuncture has helped me quit smoking, relieve my pain both physically and emotional, and has also cured my ADHD mind. Thank you so much South Baylo…


Acupuncture has help me very nuch! Dr. Kim is #1.


Dr. Chang has been amazingly supportive and helpful since I first came into the clinic. I had lost a pregnancy and my body literally shut down. Through Acupuncture and his extreme kindness my body immediately felt better. Now we are working on Fertility. I’ve already felt results and with Acupuncture and herbs my basal body temperature is much more stable and higher. I have all the confidence in the world in this treatment. With what it did for me after my loss, I believe it can do anything. I can honestly say I love Dr. Chang and everyone I interact with here at South Baylo.


I am being treated by Dr. Chang. I have been seeing him for almost a year now and I’m extremely happy with my treatment. Dr. Chang is very patient, and is always available to address any concerns. He is a very jovial person and makes you always feel at ease with his charming personality.
In general I am happy that I was referred to South Baylo. I look forward to my weekly visits. The front desk staff is also very friendly and professional and the interns who have treated me this far Onyoo Kwon, Donhoon, Jisun, Wonhee have all been very good.
I would definitely recommend South Baylo to my friends, and family.


I have come to realize that my treatments have changed my life. The mobility, and understanding as to the reasons for why I have grown.
Dr. Kim has been very kind and caring with me and my treatments. He understands the stress in daily life plays a big part of my pain. He has given me a lot of instructional and ways to lessen the effects. I am truly happy with my treatments and my experiences with this clinic.


I have been bringing my mom here who came down with Bells Palsy in December 2010. The staff here is courteous and kind. My mom is recovering fast. She had her right eye lid hanging down but with the therapy given here she looks good plus they threat her arthritis. Dr. Tri is awesome.

Larry Young