Request Transcript


To order an official transcript, please submit a written request with payment.
There is a $10 fee for transcript for current student and $20 for graduate student. (per copy)

Requests must include your signature.

Official Transcript request  (Office of Registrar)

You may print out a copy of the official transcript request form. In addition, request forms are available at the office of the registrar.

If you are unable to download the request form, a written request should include:

  • Your name (indicate all names you may have used while attending South Baylo University)
  • Your social security number
  • Your date of birth
  • Your return address and phone number (and email address if applicable)
  • A complete address of where you would like to have your transcript mailed
  • Your signature (required)
  • The year you received your degree from South Baylo University (If you did not earn a degree, indicate the years you attended)
  • Number of copies (if you are requesting more than one)
  • Checks should be made payable to "South Baylo University."

Please mail or deliver your request and payment to:
    South Baylo University
    The Office of the Registrar
    1126 N. Brookhurst St.
    Anaheim, CA 92801

Your transcript request takes five working days to process, in addition to mail-delivery time. If you indicate that you wish to include a current quarter's grades, a degree posting, grade change, or other addition to the transcript, your request will be delayed further.

Your transcript can not be issued until all holds have been removed and any outstanding bills have been paid to South Baylo University.

South Baylo University does not provide transcripts from other colleges.
If you have any question regarding a transcript,
please call 714-533-1495 or
email at

Official Transcript Request Form (Documents Request Form)