Student Testimonials




It was my desire to become a medical doctor from my early childhood. I think it is a chance to achieve my dream. I want to contribute something for my community when I complete my study at SBU     

Back, Jin Kyoung



I was referred by many friends and upon checking out the classes, curriculum, and campus. I am incurred to choose South Baylo for it’s extensive knowledge and history of acupuncture & Chinese Medicine.

Nguyen, Christina 



I chose SBU for my further education because it has a long, successful history of transferring knowledge of Oriental Medicine to their students with passion and care. SBU’s Master’s program is very strong academically and also focuses on real-world experiences. I am looking forward to become a part of SBU family.

Velagic, Mediha 



a. Interested in the subject due to my own health problems.
b. Visited the clinic as a patient & pleased with the service
c. Inspired by Dr. D. Kang’s work ethic.

Park, Nara R. 



After hearing about SBU from a family member, I decided to do some research and found out that the school is one of the largest AOM schools in the USA and has a well established reputation.

Park, Narae 



I have been interested in oriental medicine because oriental medicine have less side effect than other medicine. In my case, my two daughters had many minor illness. Western medicine did not work to them but oriental medicine help them to gain immunity. Since I experienced advantages of the oriental medicine, I want to study it.

Cha, Hee Kang 



I would like to help and educate people how to live a healthy live without using any western medicines, which would give possible side effects.

Lieu, Kathy 



My interest in this major has been rooted from the believe that Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine can be a proper replace to modern medicine and also I observe a strong tend toward this way of treating.

Glokarzadeh, Shima 



It is my desire to become a medical doctor since my childhood. SBU will offer me quality education having been researched the obtained information. I think I can achieve my dream while I study at SBU.

Ahn, Jae Kyung